Hej there! We are Älg [el•ey] Prints, a screen printing duo based in Salt Lake City. We love nature, travel, and Scandinavian design. The combination of these loves has motivated us to create handcrafted products for the explorer. Our passion for Scandinavian design is reflected in our prints. We have even gone as far as to tour Scandinavia in order to better study their style and culture (what a sacrifice…). Here are the top 6 principles that we have learned from our research and how we apply them to our

We are two women, ‘B’ecky and ‘E’rin the ‘BE’ behind BEcoming Threads. We each have 5 kids and understand how important it is to be mothers, but there was a time when we felt like there was something more we could do to make a mark on the world. When we realized we were looking for a similar purpose, we chose to bring our talents and energy together to create BEcoming Threads. Words have power and create emotion, so why not put hopeful and uplifting messages on fashionable apparel? The

Hey lovelies! I’m Vienna of Nennie & Nolie! I’m beyond excited to be participating in Salt & Honey’s spring market and I’m honored to be here today to introduce you to my little shop. I’m a mama of three littles, a girl and two boys, and I absolutely adore spending my days (and nights!) with them. I also work as a copywriter for my husband’s independent digital marketing company, Blue Kookaburra. I have degrees in English and art history and I love literature, art, and all things beautiful and uplifting.

Hi- we are three sisters- Natalie Thompson, Monica Patch and Nicole Davis and together we make up Paisley Pear & Co. Our business is creating all natural, vegan, cold process soaps, skin loving lotions, bath salts, and body sprays. We each have kids with eczema, allergies and sensitive skin and found it difficult to find bath and body products that wouldn’t irritate. We were also concerned about putting harmful chemical and yucky ingredients for their soft skin. So, we started making our own. The results beat our wildest dreams. Of course, we started sharing with friends and

A lot of my earliest memories take place in a kitchen.  Creating a drum kit out of our pots and pans, helping my parents decorate the homemade pizza on Christmas Eve, trying to sneak candy out of the cupboards; my little world revolved around that small, open space. Every year, we would jump in the car and drive for what seemed like an eternity to northern Minnesota to spend Thanksgiving with my grandparents.  Every year the house would be packed with family and every year my grandmother would cook enough

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